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ADD Garcon?


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8 Team points league.

Thinking of adding Garcon, but who should i drop?

QB - Rivers

RB - Turner, Best

WR - R. Moss, M. Austin

TE - Finley

WR/RB - Foster, Bradshaw, T. O.,

Bench - Mcfadden, Flacco, Ricky Williams, Dez Bryant, M. Lynch, Snelling

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I also just picked Garcon back up after dropping him earlier in the week.

IF Collie is out he might be able to prove his worth and get back into the #2 spot that he started the season at.

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Yeah. Drop Snelling... Although he's still getting touches liberally alongside Michael Turner, he's not serviceable unless Turner's out.

Pick up Garcon. Collie is likely out this week and this could be his chance to regain his snaps on offense.

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