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On the hunt for a PG. Who to target?

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12 team H2H non-keeper league $1200 prize pool (10 cats: FG%, FT%, PTS, 3PTS, OREBS, REBS, ASSTS, STLS, BLKS, A/T)

I am leading my league in FG%, PTS, OREBS, REBS, & BLKS and am punting FT% and need some help in ASSTS.

Here are some of the trades I am thinking of proposing:

My: For:

1) Jeff Green Raymond Felton

2) Marcus Camby Devin Harris

3) Brandon Roy Darren Collison

4) Brandon Roy & Marcus Camby Rajon Rondo

5) Roy, Camby, Cousins Chris Paul

My Team:

PG: Mike Conley, Luke Ridnour, Ty Lawson

SG: Andre Igoudala, Brandon Roy, Mike Dunleavy

SF: Rudy Gay, Jeff Green

F: Paul Milsp, J.J. Hickson, Hakim Warrick

C: Dwight Howard, Roy Hibbert, Marcus Camby, Demarcus Cousins

Would love to hear some of your thoughts on which trades I should pursue and why. Thanks!

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Number 1 is your best bet (if the owner will agree).

2. I will never trust Devin Harris ever again.

3. Not bad but I think you'll be overpaying. And you'll lose 3pts which you're already lacking.

4. Again - you'll lose 3s. And I think Roy will play more point forward this season with the departure of Bayless.

5. Definitely too much for CP3. I don't trust his knees just yet. He has to wear a brace all season and Bayless is there now. They won't hesitate to pull CP3 from games at the first sign that his knees are hurting or swelling.

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At first I thought the 5th one was a 2-for-2 but then I noticed it would've been a 3-for-1 which is too much for Paul... I think if you're gonna go after Paul, I think an offer of Roy+Camby should suffice (if the guy bites)...

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