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Iggy vs Roy vs Kidd WHIR

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12 team H2H NON-keeper league (FG%, FT%, PTS, 3PTS, OREBS, REBS, ASSTS, STLS, BLKS, A/T)

Andre Igoudala VS Brandon Roy VS Jason Kidd

My: Iggy (or Brandon Roy)

For: Jason Kidd

I could use an upgrade a point, but do I take this trade or stay put? WHIR

My Team:

PG: Mike Conley, Luke Ridnour,

SG: Andre Igoudala, Brandon Roy, Mike Dunleavy, Charvlie Villanueva

SF: Rudy Gay, Jeff Green

F: Paul Milsp, J.J. Hickson, Shelden Williams

C: Dwight Howard, Roy Hibbert, Marcus Camby, Demarcus Cousins

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i like Jkidd

The owner of Kidd is willing to deal for either Andre Igoudala or Brandon Roy. Who should I trade for Kidd?

-Roy looks like he's primed for a breakout season, but his health has always been a concern of mine.

-Iggy provides across the board stats, but his FG% and A/T are potential problems. However, he has played 82 games 3 seasons straight and is a great source of steals as well.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Dont like the way you built your team. You have DHoward and there is no way you can save your FT%.

Why not target Rondo instead of Kidd?

If you already have DHoward why did you stockpile PF and Cs instead of going for quality backcourt?

Get Ariza ASAP.

Back to original question. Yes, do the trade. Trade Iguodala instead of Roy. Iguodala>Roy even if you are neglecting %FT

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