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Rudy Gay & Brandon Roy for Chris Paul & Bogut

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hmmm...if you threw in camby, maybe he would bite.


I agree with this. Don't try to add Cousins, i doubt that works.

Roy, Gay, and Camby for CP3 and Bogut sounds ok. But he might try to throw in a lesser big man than bogut....

Help w/ mine? thanks


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Thanks for the advice, I responded to both your posts as well.

The owner of Bogut also has Blake Griffin. Should I target Griffin or Bogut?

-I'm really liking Griffin's play and his upside, but does not get me the BLKS that Bogut does. My boards are pretty safe right now.

-Bogut is also looking good this season. Is there a chance he can return to form or is he just another injury risk?

Who should I target with CP3? Thanks

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