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Dwight & Conley for J. Kidd & D. West?

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H2H 12 team non-keeper league (10 cats)

A trade was proposed to me today...

My: Dwight Howard and Mike Conley

For: Jason Kidd and David West

Looks good on paper, but am I getting enough value back from D12? Kidd's numbers are down with his lowered minutes and who knows what happens when Beauobis comes back. Could really use some help on moving my #1 pick.

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Ahh. Well, I don't think he will do a 2 for 1, who on my team should I give up with Dwight for this to be a good trade in my favor?

I was thinking:

-J.J. Hickson (seems kind of insulting with the way he's been playing)

-George Hill (he needs a guard, but Hill has not been too impressive)

Maybe, Brandon Roy??? Would like to get rid of this guy, but am I selling Roy too short? Should I wait to see how he does when (if) he comes back or should I cut my losses and package him off?

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