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B.Roy, Bogut & Bledsoe for D.Will & Ty Thomas?


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I give:

Brandon Roy

Andrew Bogut

Eric Bledsoe

I receive:

Deron Williams

Tyrus Thomas

My team is in my sig; I'm currently the league leader in Blocks (by far), Rebs, and tops in Steals. Looking to increase in Assists and Points and minimize injury risks.

Will help in return, post your trade in your reply.


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You have a really good team for a 12 team league.

I would take the trade...d-will and wall together should ready you for assists.

And like you said, minimizing risk, Bogut is not very reliable.

you would not dominate blocks anymore, but should make up for it with the ft%.

Yep...would do it without a doubt

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Complete this trade before this Friday or you WILL regret it later on.

Bledsoe can only produce when he has 40 minutes, which he won't since Foye is back and B.Davis coming back soon

Bogut is a HUGE injury risk

Roy................probably getting shut down this friday and if not he will sometime soon

and you are getting the 2nd best PG in the entire league.....yeah take it and run.

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