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Last Minute Trade Help Before the Deadline


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This questions is for the first team in my sig. I am looking to move Big Ben because I traded for P. Rivers last week. The biggest weakness I see in my team is either my RB2 or my WR3 (how do you guys feel about Harvin going forward?!?).

So I am targeting a team that currently has Cassel as their starting QB. His RBs are McFadden, BGJE, Benson, Mathews, Hightower and his WRs are Wayne, Ward, Holmes, Breaston, Moore.

So I'm thinking of a few trades. Which help my team and are the most likely to be accepted:

I give Big Ben + Blount and I get D. McFadden.

I give Big Ben + Harvin and I get R. Wayne.

Or something else?

Leave a link.

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I'd take Wayne. Very favorable matchups going forward with the possible exception of Week 16 when the Colts go to Oakland. Don't have to worry about the Colts sitting their starters this year as the Jags are leading the division and Indy is fighting just to keep in the AFC Wildcard race.

Not so much with McFadden. Oakland plays Miami, San Diego (who will force the Raiders into passing early and often), Jacksonville (decent matchup), Denver, Indy, and KC. Most of his matchups are either against good defenses or offensive teams that could potentially put Oakland in the hole early, thus forcing them to pass. That Denver game will be interesting, since I'm sure the Broncos will look to avenge that blowout loss they sustained in their previous matchup.

Thanks for the help on mine.

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I agree - look for a solid RB in a deal - I like DMC in that deal for sure. Harvin will be solid the rest of the year barring set backs with injury's migrains. With that being said if you can't swing a trade for a solid RB - the 2nd trade still does improve your lineup for the stretch run and I would make the deal.

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