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Dwight for Pau Gasol

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This is a very tempting trade.

IMO - Pau is the best player in the deal. Plus getting Lee would also solidfy your front court since Cousins and Yao are huge question marks.

Gay has been awesome but you have some great wing players in wallace and AI2. Billups would really hurt your PG production though.

I'd lean towards taking the deal...but i guess it depends on who you'd pick up with the open roster spot. Any good guards on the wire?

help w/ mine? thanks


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My: Dwight Howard + Rudy Gay + Chauncey Billups

For: Pau Gasol + David Lee

Thoughts on this? Which side wins? Is it close? WHIR

I like the deal for you. Pau is playing very well right now and if you look at Rudy Gay's splits after Randolph came back, he's definitely tailed off a bit. Lee is a good buy low candidate right now but the reality is it was a freak injury so once he's back, expect him to be 2nd round value.

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