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LT or Mendy? James Jones or B-White?


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Hi all,

10-team PPR in a must-win week and I've got the following choices:

1. LT or Mendy? Mendy's got a dream matchup against the Bills and the O-line is somewhat healthier than it's been in a few weeks, but the Steelers are trending away from their run-first roots and he hasn't hit 20 carries in 3 weeks. Didn't do that much in a blowout against OAK either. LT, meanwhile, continues his stealthy run of PPR brilliance and seems poised to continue that against a CIN defense that got manhandled last week and is missing even more starters.

2. J. Jones or B. White? Jones has been coming on of late and draws a semi-attractive matchup against ATL, but Driver is still lurking and Jones isn't racking up the number of targets I'd like in ppr as more of a deep threat. White looks set to pull a Tamme and step right into Collie's production as Peyton's go-to guy. He had like 5 receptions and 2 TDs in little more than a half last week - would love to see what he could do with a start.

Thoughts - WHIR

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It sounds like you already have your mind made up. But if it was up to me I would still play Mendenhall. The Steelers will go up big and run the ball. I disagree with you about Blair. He will still be the fourth option, behind Wayne, Garcon, Tamme. Jones is probably third, but has Driver dinged up and has shown more to me than Blair.

Help for me


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