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Joakim Noah for Andrew Bogut


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I love Andrew Bogut when healthy; however, his injuries have been painful to deal with starting the season. As a result I'm a mediocre 2-2 in my H2H league.

Another owner, fascinated by Bogut's beastly 31-19-2-2 return, proposed Joakim Noah for my Andrew Bogut.

Should I accept the trade? I'm a bit nervous about the whole Noah-Boozer situation, particularly about the rebounding hit Joakim will likely take.

Will help in return.

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I would probably take Noah right now

Bogut's low FT% (due to his injury) will probably last throughout the season, if it wasn't for that I'd take Bogut over Noah (I do however predict Noah's numbers to take a slight hit due to Boozer's return)

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