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RB Help (PPR)! - Choose 2: JC, Torain, Mendy


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Tough call here - can only start 2 of the following in PPR:

1. J. Charles vs. TEN: Obviously awesome, but TD's hard to come by with Jones around, and receptions around 2-3/game of late

2. Torain vs. JAX: Great matchup, reeled in 5 catches last week and scored, has performed very well when healthy - only 11 carries though last week - could be a shift in offensive philosophy to more throwing afoot with Rexy now

3. Mendy vs. CAR: He hasn't been spectacular over the last month with a ragtag line, but really looked strong last week vs. Jets and now gets a D that 3 different RB's have gashed for 3 TDs apiece over the last month - including Marshawn.

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wow nice team.

I would go torian for sure. great matchup and nobody is stealing from him

Mendy at 2 because he gets the goal line carries and it should turn into a clock killing fest being that carolina is terrible and can't stop the run.

I like charles a lot but with the other two matchups being cherry I would stay away from the guy that is a bit up and down. Never know how the carries will breakdown in KC.

good luck


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