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Braun -4- Mauer & Liriano?


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Braun is in his final year of keeper eligibility (3 total years) w/out an additional $5 fee...

For 2011: For 2012: For 2013

Braun $20 Braun $27 Braun $35

Mauer $19 Mauer $22 Mauer $30

Liriano $14 Liriano $18 Liriano $21

I loves me some Braun, but (IF) Liriano can stay healthy, I truly believe there is more value getting the 2 players in return.?


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Yeah, remember when everyone had Mauer as a first round pick, after his .400/.600 year? Good times. Oh, wait, that was only last season?

I like it a lot, as you get two years of a very cost-controlled Mauer plus at least one year of an undervalued Liriano (wouldn't he go for around $18 in a non-keeper league?). I'd say you win, or at the very least break even (which can be a win depending on your current roster makeup).

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I think it all comes down to who your other keepers are and what Catchers are going back into the pool. Remember that it is a two for two trade. You will be trading Braun and whatever player you are dropping to keep Loriano. That being said if this is the last year you can keep Braun I would send a league wide email to field all offers. This should get a bidding war going and then you can look at all your options. I would bet that half the owners will send you some kind of an offer.

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