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VC+Maggette/or Gortat for Granger?

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Greetings All,

I'm trying to make a play for Granger (favorable schedule). I'm currently in 4th place, with 6 weeks remaining until the end of H2H regular schedule.

What do you think of the following trade scenario?

Vince Carter + Corey Maggette FOR Danny Granger

Vince Carter + Marcin Gortat FOR Danny Granger

or other ????

Thank you!


20 team H2H

G - Derrick Rose

G - John Wall

F - Vince Carter

F - LaMarcus Aldridge

C - Dwight Howard

UTIL - Ramon Sessions

UTIL - Corey Maggette


Marcin Gortat

Paul George

Austin Daye

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neither will land you granger you will have to have a much more favorable peice then VC


+1. Those are both pretty bad offers. This is an aging VC we are talking about; not the VC in his prime like 5-7 years ago. You're going to have to give up way more to get Granger back, who I'm assuming was drafted in the 1st round in your league.

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