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Jrue Holiday or Darren Collison

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Thinking about grabbing either:

Darren Collison or Jrue Holiday

Holiday seems to be in a slump now that Iggy runs point-forward and Collison has been getting minutes but his production is not quite there yet. Both seem like they will be worth more in the long run, but who is the better buy low?

Would love to hear some thoguhts on this. Leave a link and I'll get back to your question as well. Thanks

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For most of the season I would of said Holiday but he's in a serious slump right now, while Collison is playing well since the coaching change. I still think Holiday has more potential and can be the better player as the season goes on but for now I think Collison is the way to go.

Please Help with Mine!


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WTF?! Both those guys are on the wire in a 12 team league?

I like Collison from here on out..


Who said anything about the wire lol. Sorry, wen I say grab, I mean make a play for them.

Thabo Sefolosha, Evan Turner, and Wes Johnson are the best players on our wire. we have no wire.

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Should I do:

My: Marc Gasol & Paul George

For: Darren Collison & Ryan Anderson


Before the season, it was easily Collison. Then Obie happened, lol. For most of the season, it was Holiday, for sure. Then Obie went poof. In my mind, it's back to Collison, without a doubt. His last four games have been good, and there's no reason to think they won't improve as he gets back into a groove.

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