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Marc Gasol 4 D. Collison & R. Anderson?

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My: Marc Gasol & Paul George

For: Darren Collison & Ryan Anderson

My assists are decent right now, but I'm worried about Sessions production dipping once Mo gets back. Also, I think my boards will be fine once Noah heals. Is this a good trade for me? Is this a pretty good return on Marc Gasol?

Leave a link and I'll be sure to return the favor. Thanks

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gasol is seriously overrated. he had a great season but he's simply not doing it. his stats are underwhleming and he's not getting the supporting stats you want(blks are not bad tho). he's somehow still 97% owned or something but he's fool's gold at this point.

darren collison has underachieved relatively to the expectations as well but at least he's still bring nice all around stats. and ryan anderson makes the trade even better because now you're getting a replacement at C who gets similar stats(14pts/6rb) but has the supporting stat in terms of treys to go with it. i think it's a great trade if you're willing to ignore the % owned numbers which is always fools' gold anyway.

i guess it depends on how much you need blocks too.

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