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Green & Biedrins 4 Hinrich & Mcgee

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My: Jeff Green & Andris Biedrins

For: Kirk Hinrich & Javale Mcgee (or Gortat)

Thoughts on this? I could use some PG help and I realy like Kirk and Mcgee/ Gortats playoff schedules. Is this a good trade for me?

Side question: Who will finish better.. Javale Mcgee or Marcin Gortat

Leave a link and I'll return the favor. Thanks

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I'd pass on this one. Green is turning things around but he's the best player in the deal. Getting Gortat or McGee as an upgrade to Biedrins is nice, but Hinrich isn't even close to being on the the same level as Green which does not make it worth it.

Can you get someone better than Hinrich?

Help with mine please:


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If you have tolerated Green this long and his crappy games, I'd think you'd want to keep him now as he has been doing great lately. It is not like his recent play is a fluke, either....look at his career numbers, he was bound to turn things around and now he did.

I am not sure Biedrins is even worth trying to trade. I'd just drop him and pick up Monroe or Chuck hayes or even Perkins if they are available...Keep Green

Kirk Hinrich is a 6th-7th-8th man, not a starter....He will have occasional good games, but is way behind Nick Young and john wall for minutes....

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Greg Monroe - 1/9

Chuck Hayes - picked up 1/18

Kendrick Perkins - picked up 1/18

My league is vicious on the waiver wire adds. But you guys are right maybe I am selling Green way to short here, its jsut been so hard to pick up a PG.

His other available PGs are:

Brandon Jennings

Aaron Brooks

Rodney Stuckey

And honestly I'm not a huge fan of any of them right now. Hinrich isn't impressive, but he has a good FG%, FT%, A/T, gives

4-5 dimes (which is all I really need) and a 3 and a stl.

Maybe I should try throwing in Paul George and try upgrading him to Morrow?

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