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D.West, G.Wall 4 Pau Gasol, Salmons

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My: David West & Gerald Wallace

For: Pau Gasol & John Salmons

Some thoughts on this? Is this a good trade for me? I feel like Salmons is turning this around and I could use the extra assists now that Sessions production is going to take a hit. Thoughts?

Other options instead of Salmons are:

-Boris Diaw

-Lou Williams

-Gilbert Arenas

He's less likely to part with these, but I suppose I can give it a shot:

--Baron Davis

--Jameer Nelson

Thanks ahead of time for your reply and if you leave a link I'll definitely return the favor.

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I would rather have Salmons and Pau because Salmons is really getting up to speed. West and Crash is a nice package though. Crash has picked his game up. Still Pau is a center and more valuable than 2 forwards. Stat wise I think the trade is pretty close if Crash keeps it up.

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