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Pau Gasol vs Stephen Curry

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Pau Gasol or Stephen Curry

Somethings to note:

-Curry is not exactly playing his best ball, any chance he picks it up and has a huge 2nd half?

-Curry's ankles... cause for concern?

-Monta and the emergence of Dorell Wright

-Lakers schedule is terrible here on out

-Pau's production has dipped a lot since Bynum's return, his current avgs don't refelect his current production

Some thoughts on who you would rather have on your team for the rest of the season? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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For this year alone I would sooner trust Pau. Curry gets nicked up a lot while Pau is steady and just more balanced. Depends totally if u need a center or PG. Really either side can be propped as the winner in a trade.

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What would you be giving up to get either of them?

I think Curry might be a better fit for your team looking at your roster. You can improve your guard position much more than your bigs


So far it looks like I'll be giving:

My: David West + Gerald Walalce

For: Pau Gasol + John Salmons

I agree that Curry is the better fit for my team, so I was thinking of trading Pau for Curry straight up. Thanks for your replies.

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