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Rudy Gay + DJ Augustin 4 Monta Ellis

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My: Rudy Gay + DJ Augustin

For: Monta Ellis

Some thoughts on this? Am I freaking out over Augustin? He has a wrist injury which may explain his dip in production, but am I over reacting on Augustin? I do need another SG and Monta has been beasting all year. Still, is this too much for Monta?

Leave a link and I'll return the favor. Thanks

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I wouldnt do it. good quality SF's are hard to come by especially ones that can average 1 3ptm 1 steal 1 block a game. I can name only two others. Lebron and Durant. Monta is a good play but he is a SG and its easy to get good production out of that spot. Dont do it. GOod luck

Please help


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