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Traded VC+Maggette for Iggy


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Just traded VC+Maggette for Iggy. Iggy will replace VC in my other forward spot. My thoughts are the accepting GM is willing to wait on VC busting out of his slump (post all-star break) and is sold on Maggette's recent production (15+ games). I also offered VC+Gortat but he decided on VC+Maggette. Although Delfino started yesterday evening and played very well, who knows what Skiles is going to do once Maggette returns. I know they like the fact Maggette can create his own shot and get to the foul line but again, who knows what will happen. In either case, I think it worked out for me (based on my roster going forward). Maggette provided great value for me the past 3 weeks which allowed me to climb up in the standings. The next 4 weeks are going to be a battle amongst the top 8 teams (20 team league). I don't know if I can bump the first place team because his roster is pretty tough (see below):

Stephen Jackson

Dorell Wright

LeBron James

Zach Randolph

JaVale McGee

Luol Deng

Shawn Marion

Jameer Nelson

Mike Bibby

Austin Daye

The trade was accepted yesterday afternoon and is currently in the 2 day review period. All I can do now, is wait....

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That is called a pillaging. Well done. While there probably isn't anything on the wire right now, having an open spot this time of year is a great thing as teams start to go into see what we've got mode. My guess is you'll be able to find vince's production on the wire in the next 2-3 weeks, and iggy should crush maggette's output. I would be a little leery of what your league mates think of it, but if it goes through congrats.

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