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Dwight & Hill for Matthews & Millsap


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I was recently offered Dwight Howard and Grant Hill for my Wes Matthews and Paul Millsap. On paper, this looks like a must-do. However, as I have already been winning rebounds week after week (with K Love), and with Noah coming back soon (which will help me start winning blocks) I don't really see the point. Also, Wes and Millsap have been providing me with great percentages and steals time after time.

Would I be foolish to reject such a trade? Is Dwight just too good to refuse?

Cheers and will help in return!

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I would not do this trade. It will kill ur FT pctg. U might benefit from a few blocks but u lose lots of 3's and FT pct so u lose more cats than u gain. Honestly unless u need the rebounds I can c no reason at all to do this trade.

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