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Looking to trade for Devin Harris

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Hi Rotoworld fam,

Trade deadline is fast approaching (March 3rd) and I'm looking to make a last minute play on Devin Harris.

Obviously, we have no idea what kind of impact Baron will have on Sessions but we'll know soon enough! From what we've read, it appears Scott wants Baron to eventually be the starter with Sessions either starting at PG and Davis at SG or Sessions coming off the bench backing up Davis. I just don't like the sound of either scenario.

What are your thoughts at trading for Devin Harris? See if the owner is willing to take on Sessions and perhaps another player (2 for 1) or is a Sessions for Harris enough/fair?

Again, it's up in the air right now so makes me wonder if the other GM is willing to take a risk on Sessions (ie. Baron's knee causes him to miss games or rest of season).

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