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My Plan has been Foiled


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With Latos on the DL to start the season and his replacement Randy Wells and Ubaldo joining him on the DL, plus the sudden retirement of Manny, I've had a bit of shuffling to do:

Mat Latos - ->Randy Well - - -> Matt Harrison

Ubaldo Jimenez - - -> Justin Masterson

Manny Ramirez - Ben Francisco

The initial plan was to just pick up Harrison and Masterson for this past weekends matches and drop one for the Latos return on Monday Night and the other for Esmil Rogers two start week (really like the upside potential). However with Harrison and Masterson's strong outing to build on their solid first outings things have changed.

Harrison----2-0 14IP/11Ks - 1.29 ERA/0.71 WHIP

Masterson--2-0 13.1IP/9Ks - 1.35/1.09 WHIP

I have no idea what to do - - needed Esmil so I reluctantly dropped my boy Brett Cecil, but now who do I drop tomorrow when Latos returns and Ubaldo ultimately returns the following week?


I boot saves in favor of lots of quality ARMs (like to have atleast 10 SPs) - - -it works, I dominate every pitching category other than saves

The Candidates:

1. Ryan Raburn

Didn't address 2B until late in the draft when I went back-to-back picks of Raburn and Howie Kendrick, with the intention of letting them battle it out. I really like Raburn and like the fact of having some one like him on my bench to back up Howie incase of injury. He just needs the ABs which I believe he'll get as the season goes on. Plus, I know of fellow league mates that were really high on him.

2. Anibal Sanchez

Liked him a lot at the draft and going into this season as I think he still takes a leap this year, but he hasn't looked great (especially today).

3. Kila Ka'aihue

Love his power potential and his track record but I've seen just about all of his ABs thus far and he's looked awful, especially on offspeed stuff - - seriously, Pedro Cerrano from Major League hits the curve better. Having said that, I'm not ready to give up on him as I think he gets it together, and would hate to see it when he does on someone else's team.

4. Matt Harrison

Picked him up a couple years ago as a DL-filler and he ended up picking up a CG SO for me. He ended up staying on my squad for a few weeks until he himself was added to the DL. Didn't think much of him until I saw his first stat line so I picked him up for this past start and enjoyed his second really good outing.

5. Justin Masterson

Always loved his potential as a high prospect for the Red Sox. High K guy, who through his first two starts looks to have put everything together. Not to mention, Cleveland's offense actually looks pretty decent.

6. Esmil Rogers

Had to have him...think he's the real breakout in the Rocky Mountains (although I rolled with Jhoulys all of last year)

So seriously? I need your input.

1. Who would you drop tomorrow when Latos returns?

2. Then who would you drop next week when Ubaldo returns?

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Was thinking of dropping Raburn tomorrow and letting the other pitchers battle it out until Ubaldo comes back, but Anibal's performance today really pissed me off so I really don't know.

Am I in the wrong to drop one/both of them in favor of the other players listed? Too early to give up on either?

You can look at my full team to see if there's others you'd all consider.

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The drop to activate Latos is Rayburn. He is in a platoon with Boesch and will be for a while. Plus he will stay on WW since he does not start a lot. Next week Masterson would seem logical Cleveland's offense just won't win a lot.

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It seems like you have quite the spectrum of suggestions. Here is my two cents. Anibal Sanchez had a tough start, and I really don't think that his stuff will be good enough to stand on its own because his offense will be off and on all year. Your concerns are over pitching, so I suggest dropping pitching for pitching. I think dropping a position player can only make you thinner in that area. Latos will be better than Anibal this year, so thats the improvement. Then from there I suggest letting your pitchers duel, much like you said, to fight to see who will be the next one out. If you snip off the weakest of your pitching, it will only improve it. Hope this works for ya.


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-Anibal dropped for Latos return

-Raburn dropped for Nick Hundley, as Napoli gets no PT (ugh)

**still a believer in both Raburn and Anibal <---should get smoked @PHI tonight though

So now with Ubaldo returning on Tuesday, who would you consider dropping? Giving those players on the bubble this weekend to earn my trust.

Team below.

Leave a link. B)

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I would drop one of Rogers or Kila. You def don't need Kila w/ Pujols at 1st and gordon/francisco at UTIL. If you would rather drop a pitcher for Ubaldo I would go with Rogers for now.

Yea, I was thinking him too, but I want to see what he shows me this weekend before I make any decisions. Plus I wanted to get the take from the most knowledgable fantasy people around - - - The Rotoworld Forums B)

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Id drop Esmil Rogers so you activate Ubaldo. Thats the move I would make.

Help here: http://forums.rotoworld.com/index.php?showtopic=224063

Rogers pitches on Monday and then Ubaldo pitches on Tuesday, so if anything I can wait it out to see how Esmil does - - I am a Esmil believer though so....

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