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Dropping McCarthy for Danny Duffy?


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All day my league message board was filled with controversy over the availability of Danny Duffy, so after looking into him a bit further tonight and looking at his ABs I figured I'm gonna set the alarm to beat everyone to the punch.

Good idea? Is he worth it?

Drop Brandon McCarthy for him?

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is he even going to stay in the rotation? if he does, i definitely like his upside better than mccarthy's.

if he stays in the rotation, i'd do that deal.


Will he? He's their top pitching prospect so I'd assume he'd be here to stay if he does well, especially with their pitching. But I don't know.

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Duffy didn't look great, but I'm thinking of dropping someone for him...

Though my options are Alex White or James McDonald who I don't think you drop for him.

I'd have to go Sean Rodriguez, who stinks.

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Now that I kind of look at who he'd be starting against, I might not grab him.

Seems like this is going to be his next 7 starts, which may be too long of a projection; but whatever.

@ Balt - Maybe

@Tex - No

Minn - Yes

Tor - No

@Oak - Probably

@STL - No

Cubs - No

@Col - No

Assuming he might not do as well on the road, the only real good matchup seems like At Home vs Minn.

Maybe the Cubs, but I wouldn't.

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