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This is less of his personal disposition and more of his professional disposition to listen to coaches. That's why AZ shipped him out - he wouldn't listen to his coaches. Tito has the unique ability to manage strong personalities, which is why there's added optimism about him.

In fact, this latest news makes me feel a lot better about him as a prospect, as it seems someone has finally gotten him to see the light about his ridiculous pole-to-pole long toss warmups. Kazmir will get hurt at some point in the season, probably within another 5 weeks of pitching, and we'll get to see how his "reprogramming" goes.

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Bauer was just dropped in my dynasty league. Is he worth a pickup? What is his upside now? Can he ever turn into the stud we all thought or is he just a bust?

I wouldn't call him a bust just yet (he'll only be 23 next year), but he has become a reclamation project. It's hard to have high hopes for him at this point.

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I think you still need to roster him in dynasty leagues. His bb/9 was always a concern but people brushed it off that it'd just get better. He may not become an ace but that doesn't mean he still can't become a 3/4 fantasy SP in standard leagues.

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