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I give Kimbrel, I get Howard


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Ok, 6x6 roto league (includes OBP and K/BB), I've been offered Ryan Howard in exchange for Craig Kimbrel.

I have an indomitable lead in saves, and am almost at the top with all my pitching ratios. I would have no problem just relying on MR's from this point forward for ratios help - it just so happens Kimbrel has been SO good in this regard that I'm having a tough time with this.

Meanwhile, RBIs are in fact my greatest area of need. HRs are a close second. Howard generally beasts in the second half.

Another wrinkle - this is a keeper league. Not even sure I would keep Howard if I acquired him. Might keep Kimbrel though (can only keep 3 players/year).

Any help would be greatly appreciated - WHIR!

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