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2010's Best Plays!


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Okay, as some of you may know I was working on logos for all the teams in the 12-team Friends and Family league I'm a part of.

The purpose of the logos were to use them in multiple videos throughout the league's season. The first being a "promotional" trailer of sorts for the upcoming season.

This "promotional" video was intended to be completed and released prior to our draft - which is tomorrow night! Yeah, I've been working through some audio issues for the promotional video, and fell behind in my schedule. I still have to identify, download, and splice together the filler video clips (of football players doing awesome things).

That's where you guys come in.

Consider this thread a last minute chance for those who haven't drafted yet to look beyond the numbers and see players at their best.

In addition, it'll also assist me by pointing me in the direction of some of the coolest highlights from last season, which will reduce the amount of time I get sidetracked while hunting for those awesome plays.

Touchdowns, "wow" moments, missed tackles, broken tackles, crazy jukes, if it looks awesome, put it in here!

Since I just fixed the audio issues, here's a preview of the audio track/music I compiled (from various sources), which will be the audio used in the promotional video:


For an idea of what I'm doing, here's the video I did for my team last season, post-draft:

The real video part starts 35 seconds in (the first 35 seconds are the intro / title, though it makes more sense if you watch it).

Anyway, thanks in advance!

Here's a clip to start you all off - Chris Johnson with a crazy TD run:


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Hey, thanks for the responses guys. Yeah, I've been sourcing all my footage from NFL.com's video archive, because it's better quality than anywhere else...and I really doubt they (the suits at the NFL) care about fans making fan videos for their Fantasy Football team, regardless of copyright stuff.

Also, thanks to the Mod who moved my thread to the proper forum. Never even knew an Off Topic forum existed here.

Anyway, I'm just finishing up the video now, adding ~5 remaining clips to the timeline, doing another audio check to make sure everything's in sync, and then it's out the gates! I'll be uploading it to Youtube at that point.

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