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Need Help With Trade Offer


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My team is in my sig. I'm in marathon discussions with a guy who wants Stafford really bad. I rejected his offer of Eli/Ausitn for Stafford/Marshall. He wants me to come up with an offer. Decent players he has are:

QB: Brady, Manning

RB: D Williams, Addai

WR: Fitz, Austin, Harvin

None of his RBs are worth it to me. I doubt he'll trade Brady. I could go with Stafford and either Smith or Green for Eli/Austin, but I doubt he would do that. Am I missing an obvious deal here?

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I'm curious what you didn't like about Eli + Miles Austin for Stafford + Marshall?

Honestly, I would take Eli + any of his WRs over Stafford + Marshall. If he's crazy for Stafford, maybe you could get Larry Fitz somehow...

I just think Stafford over Eli is more than Austin over Marshall. The safer thing would be Manning/Austin, but I'm looking for upside this year.

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