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Andre for Jamal Charles?


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I drafted third this year in .5ppr and took Jamal ... Wanted Andre But couldnt justify taking him at 3....

I have Schaub this year, and last year, and had Andre last year as well, and want that connection again...

My team is

QB SChaub

RB Jamal Charles

RB Matt Forte

WR Desean JAckson

WR Mike Williams Tampa bay

WR Jermey Maclin

WR Santa Moss

TE Rob Gronk

RB Ben Jarvis Green

Well other owner offered me Andre and Marshawn Lynch ...for Jamal charles.... not as confident in Jamal right now, with talks of this 3 rb deal....

I would have a surplus of good WR I could dish for another RB 2.... what do you guys think??? IM torn I really want Andre, but know Lynch might not cut it as RB 2...

can start 2 wr 2rb one flex rb/wr

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