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Luis Scola 2011/12


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Hi guys

I just read an article about the FIBA Americas tournament and this paragraph caught my attention:

Houston Rockets player Luis Scola was the standout for the host nation with 19 points and 14 rebounds. He was 5 of 6 from 3-point range


Now, I know Scola is not a 3 point shooter in the NBA. Is his role different with Argentina? Was this a fluke? Or is he a guy to watch next season, whenever that is? if he can add a 3 point shot to his arsenal he could turn out to be a very solid fantasy player.

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Yao hasnt played for 2 years. Scola should have adjusted by now

Isn't the international 3 point line a lot closer? I think it is even closer than the college line? In any event Scola has to play closer to the basket to get rebounds now that yao is finally gone.
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True Yao has not played or been a factor in 2 years. But the Rockets have been preparing for him to return so the team has been waiting for him to someday resume his role. Now that he finally officially retired the Rockets can move on.

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