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Offered Stafford/Manningham -4- K. Britt


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Considering my QB is Cutler, and would be 2-0 vs. 0-2 if I'd had Stafford the first two weeks... I almost have to accept this right?

4 point TD's for QB's, 6 points for WR/RB... 1/2 point PPR

We start 3 WR, and I've currently got Andre Johnson, Britt, Plexico... drafted S. Rice who looks like a lost cause.

I've got the 2'nd waiver priority and have a claim for Cam Newton (who I dropped this week like an idiot) & am trying to get Decker, Moore, or Nelson tonight for S. Rice as well.

What say you fellow fantasy junkies?... Thanks in advance.

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I feel like Britt may just go off this year. He's killed it despite CJ2K being meh so far, plus I seem to trade the yearly "break out" player and regret it.

Newton (assuming I get him tonight) & K.Britt


Stafford & Manningham

Which pair would you rather have going forward, that's the question I guess?

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