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RB Help: Ingram, Tolbert, D.Murray, M.Morris, J.Battle, D.Williams

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Start Murray.

Lifelong Cowboys fan in Dallas here.

He will get a ton of touches.

Start him with confidence...if he has a huge game (which he most likely will), you could be looking at a STARTING RB.

Boys starting to get frustrated with plexiglass Felix. Choice wont be a cowboy for long.

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Ingram vs Colts

Tolbert at Jets

D.Murray vs Rams

M.Morris vs Falcons

J.Battle at Oakland

D.Williams vs Redskins

1 - Ingram. Should run thru IND run D like hot knife on butter.

2 - Murray. STL run D can't stop anyone. But he's still going to share w/ Choice. What's to say he goes off this wk? I mean Felix hasn't done anything yet as the starter.

3 - Tolbert. Still has value in the red zone and pass catching.

4 - Battle/DWill/Morris

Help here?


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