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Andre & Stevie FOR Wallace & Austin


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Would you guys trade Andre Johnson and Stevie Johnson FOR Mike Wallace and Miles Austin?

I would have a MAJOR investment in the Cowboy offense. See team in sig.

Also a possibility of trading Romo for Vick. Who do you prefer the rest of the way? Vick injuries worry me a bit.

Will help in return just leave a link!

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I'd do it. I' think most would agree that Austin > Stevie, and Wallace has been playing great, even putting up better fantasy points per game in PPR than a healthy AJ ...who knows how he'll perform off the injury and when it will happen (The answers: probably exceptional and soon, but it's a still a calculated risk; although certainly comparable to Wallace's hammy issue).

I also like Romo for Vick. May be biased as a Vick owner - and his injury risk has already reared it's ugly head on a few games - but some of the scrambles he's had this year are vintage Vick. Teams can't stop it the rushing yards, only hope to limit it, and when he gets in to a passing rhythm he puts up monster numbers. Also, with the NFC East sitting the way it is, the Eagles could/should be in contention for the division until the final week, meaning plenty of added motivation for Vick in the FF playoffs (same argument for Romo, but I'll take Vick's ceiling there).

Help here?


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