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Back with THE TOUGHEST WR decision EVER


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Pick 3

Larry Fitzgerald vs Philly

Roddy White vs New Orleans

Marques Colston vs Atlanta

Steve Smith (CAR) vs Tennessee

Im leaning towards finally having the guts to sit Fitzgerald with NA shadowing him all afternoon, thoughts??

every single response in this thread will get a response back. Will be on all morning. Thanks!!!!

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I like Smith, White, and Colston. Almost a toss up between Colston and Fitz, but the combination of a bad QB + pretty talented eagles secondary and I think Fitz is due for a down week. Colston doesn't have the upside but I would think he's a more reliable producer this week.

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i bench fitz. it's kind of close between him and colston, but i think there's more downside with fitz. larry hasn't been producing this year like he usually does, and does have a tough matchup. there's always the chance he goes off, but i think the right play is to sit him, given you have three other good to great options.

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