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Steelers Defense or Seahawks Defense

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Scoring: 3pts for turnovers, 2 pts for sacks, 6pts for TDs but special teams returns do NOT count, 5pt bonus if you hold the team under 10 points scored. Safety also worth 5.

For the season, in my league, the Steelers average 10.2 ppg and Seahawks 10.8. They've scored the following in their last 5 games:

Steelers: 17-19-6-9-11

Seahawks: 23-8-24-11-3

Steelers are home vs Browns tonight and Seahawks are home vs Rams on MNF. Browns have a pedestrian offense but have been far better than the Rams in terms of turnovers and sacks allowed

Who should I start? Thanks, leave your link

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