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RB/Flex help WHIR


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12 team, .5 ppr, and I'm a 52 point projected point favorite (something like 90 to 142) so I'm more willing to consider a safer play with less upside, so with that in mind here's my roster as I have it:

QB Stafford

RB Lynch

RB Murray

WR Calvin

WR Jennings

WR Colston

TE Gronk

D Stream

K Stream

Would you start Toby Gerhart over either Murray or Colston? I'd be very hesitant to start him over Murray, but I feel that he may be a safer bet to reach 12 points than Colston.


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I would leave things alone.

Beware, I have been projected to win by over 30 points as well and ended up loosing because of the match-ups.

However, i would think that Stafford and johnson should do well against the vikings secondary.

After all if Tebow can throw against them in minnesota then Stafford can throw against them in Detroit!!

(I have Stafford and Johnson as well)

Help with mine ?


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