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LINEUP HELP! Who do I bench?

The Big B

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10 team league standard scoring with .5 PPR

My team

QB - Tony Romo vs NYG

RB - MJD vs TB

RB - Ryan Matthews vs Buf

RB/WR - Roy Helu vs NE (will be playing from behind so should I start someone else here?)

WR - Calvin Johnson vs Min

WR - AJ Green vs Hou

TE - Brandon Pettigrew vs Min

OP - Matthew Stafford vs Min

OP Shonn Greene vs KC

DST - Ravens vs Ind

K - Dan Baily vs NYG


Andre Johnson vs Cin (Hurt)

Josh Freeman vs Jac (Should I start him in place of Shon Greene?)

Vernon Davis vs Ari

Amad Bradshaw vs Dal (Should he be in my lineup?)

Anquan Boldin vs. Ind

TJ Yates vs Ind

Reggie Wayne vs Bal

Doug Baldwin vs. STL

As you can see im pretty stack which poses a problem for me because I dont know who to start. Would you change the way I have my lineup set now? If so who and why?

Leave a link and Ill help with yours. Thanks!

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Why Davis over Pettigrew? Davis hasnt dont much of anything this season. He gets maybe 4-5 short passes thrown his way. Pettigrew caught 11 passes against Min earlier in the season. Just curious why everyone like Davis more.

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As everyone else is saying also, start Davis and bench Pettigrew. As a stafford and pettigrew owner, I actually dropped brandon last night knowing that I'm not going to be using him over Davis the rest of the year unless injured. Helu is a must start, with 140+ total yards in each of his starts.

Thanks for the help with mine.

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