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Pick 3 of my WR/TE


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So I'm hoping to win this week to get into the Championship Game and defend my title. Only I have a very hot team I'm up against this week so I want to be sure I'm starting the right guys this week.

Current Starters (WR/TE=same in my league):

1. Megatron @ OAK

2. J. Graham @ MIN

3. VJax vs. BAL

On my bench:

Finley @ KC

A. Brown @ SF

VJax is my boom or bust 3rd WR/TE, I like that very much. If Graham can't play then I think Finley might step it up this week as Jennings is out.

What do you think?

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Trust me, I know how hard it is to put any faith in Finley. But I might here. The combination of Jennings' injury and the fact that KC isn't particularly strong against the TE have me thinking he should be a good play.

Of course, it could just be wishful thinking! ;)

Thanks for mine!

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Graham is practicing.

Don't like finley

My league is setup where WR/TE are the same. Graham & Megatron are my #1 & #2 WR/TE.

So, do you like Finley over VJax? The question becomes can VJax put up a big performance against one of the best D's or will Finley pick up his game with Jennings out. I'd like to think that Rodgers will look to get Finley and Nelson the ball more with Jennings out. So it's a crap shoot in my mind as neither Finley nor VJax have played to their expected potential this year.

And to add more confusion, do you like Antonio Brown over Finley & VJax? Brown has been playing much better than both of them, but if Ben R. is not playing this week it might change the outlook for all PIT WR's.

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Anyone else?

Right now I have my WR/TE's set as: 1. Megatron 2. Graham 3. Finley with VJax and A. Brown riding the pine.

I absolutely hate benching VJax because you never know when he's going to tear it up, but I need a win this week and I can't afford another clunker from him even though I've treated him all year as my #3/#4 WR/TE position (which I think is a great position for him).

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Megatron hasn't exactly been tearing it up lately, so can you really afford to have two "boom or bust" players? Why not Brown, Graham, and Finley?

I can't argue with the disappointment he has given me recently, but he's still hands down the best WR in the league and I jsut can't bench him. They are in a must win situation from here on out and Megatron is one of those players you just never bench.

Would you play Brown over Finley or Graham? I think both of them will get more looks than Brown, especially is Big Ben is not playing or playing while injured.


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I agree...this is a week you want to play Finley, so go with the 2 TE's. VJax boom or bust and could certainly bust with a good BAL DEF. Of course the bust argument applies to Finley, however this is a matchup that works more in favor...PLUS Jennings is out so he just HAS to get more targets.

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Guest Smokyo7

I like Graham or Brown. Graham is a given, hes been a point monster all season, Brown has been putting up some great numbers but Big Ben is still questionable so it's a risk. V.Jax I feel is too inconsistent to rely on.

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