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Do I drop Gordon Hayward for Kris Humphries?


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Waiver claim for the HUMPman will be at 3AM EST (in a few hours). Someone had given up on him and picked up a player from the FA wire (just before he resigned with the Nets). I'm leaning towards making a waiver claim on him (currently ranked 6th out of 20 so there's still a chance I lose out on him due to a higher ranked waiver by another GM).

Based on my roster, any issues with me dropping Gordon Hayward for Kris Humphries? At this time, CJ Miles has been playing lights out which currently puts Hayward's value "up in the air". That's one of the reasons why I'm looking at dropping him for Humphries. I do have Steve Blake but I'm reluctant to drop him based on the following: upcoming 6 game week (week1), been great in preseason, new confidence in a new system, new coach and Fisher is not in game shape and is getting older by the day :-)

What are you thoughts?

Thanks Rotoworld fam!

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