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Drop Villaneuva or MWP for Ridnour?


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Hey Rotoworld fam,

I'm in need of another PG as I lack in assists and steals and I've been back and forth wondering if I should use my waiver to pickup Luke Ridnour. Mind you, there are 4 other GMs who have a higher waiver priority than me. Only issue is of course, Rubio. Barea has a leg injury (that could plague him all season and he's usually backing up at SG position). Based on my current roster, the only 2 players that come to mind (dropping) would be Villaneuva and MWP. MWP has been playing well off the bench (new coach/new system) so it remains to be seen what will happen when Bynum returns. As for CV, I'm not sure what to expect. Does he get the starting nod back (he was starting in the 1st preseason game but wasn't available for the 2nd preseason game due to personal reasons)? I know Jerebko has been starting in his place so that's the question. Just like MWP, it's a new coach and new system for Villaneuva. Curious about his production this year.

Based on the fact we have 20 teams, there's not much on the FA/waiver wire.

Do I go ahead and use my waiver priority in an attempt to pickup Ridnour? Or I could trade for one (ie. bait Ben Gordon, Chris Kaman or Gordon Hayward).

Thanks for the responses (as usual!) and Happy New Year to all.

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