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Would you drop Marvin Williams or Gordon Hayward for Nate Robinson?

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Hey Rotoworld fam,

I'm in need of guards that can produce assists and steals preferably and I'm reading a lot of articles with quotes from coach Jackson in regards to playing Nate some serious minutes (assuming Curry is shutdown for a significant period of time). Some GS articles also suggest, in time, Nate should start alongside Ellis.

Now, the one player I am leaning towards dropping is Marvin Williams (nice start earlier in the season but it was against crappy teams), however, T-Mac is making some noise and is taking minutes away from Marvin.

I also know Jenkins is starting at the PG position tonight but I just don't see him retaining that position over Robinson.

Thoughts and thanks again!

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I think I would drop " bubble butt" Williams( though he does look like he may have lost a few pounds this year) Though I am an avid Tarheel fan(yes Marvin did play one year there) Marvin is what he is. 45 and 80 on the percentages and 11-12 points 5-6 rbs and not much else. I am still not sure if Nate is going to be the answer in GS. Steph and Monta are small enough and Nate and Monta would be even worse. I am thinking Nate may come ff the bench and play 15-20 minutes but what do I know. He will still get more than Marvin in 20 minutes.

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