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Nick Young dropped....worth a pick up?

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Nick Young was recently dropped by a GM who appears to have had "enough".

Question is, is he worth the pick up using my waiver priority (currently a waiver priority of 3)?

This is a 20 Team H2H League so he's certainly going to be picked up. The problem is, he's struggling with his shot and sometimes his end game stats are one-dimensional (so far this year). Is anyone on my roster even worth dropping at the moment? Only players I could even think of dropping for Young would be Barnes, Parsons or Morrow. However, they are all contributing right now for my team.

What do you think? Stand pat or attempt to pick him up via waivers and drop a player from my roster?

Thanks in advance.

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If i were you I would use your waiver on him and drop Parsons.

Nick Young is a volume shooter and is in a huge funk right now....that wont last long and when this guy gets rolling he can fill it up with the best of them. There should be expected dreadful shooting nights from Young but his offensive game is too much to pass up, especially in a 20 team league. Expect big scoring nights in the future along with bust games.

IMO i would keep Barnes, he's solidified himself as the starting SF and should get around 30mpg until further notice...he can put up numbers in all categories on any given night.

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