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I was just offered Danny Granger for Eric Gordon straight up....thoughts???

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Ok, so this is a 20 Team H2H League. Interesting why he would do this after reviewing his roster but I wonder if he's not so sold with the addition of David West and the rest of the team able to carry more of the load. Well, Granger has been on a slump (horrible FG%), however, he finally had a good game vs Atlanta.

On top of that, I also reviewed the weekly schedule and it looks like there are certain weeks (ie. week of February the 20th - 2 games and 27th - 2 games) which are horrible weeks for owners of Indiana players. Compared to New Orleans with 3 and 4 games respectively for each week. The rest of the schedule appears to be fine for both teams.

As for Eric Gordon...his knee is what I'm concerned about. I mean, I know when he came back from an injury last year, he was playing like a man possessed. This year, he played one game, out for a week. Came back and out for 2-3 weeks. Just by typing that out, I don't have much confidence but then again, how knows.

What do you think, in his words, "Granger for Eric Gordon straight up"??? Will this trade benefit me more? The only other guards I have are Ben Gordon (he's playing so so), Luke Ridnour, Anthony Morrow and Matt Barnes. I may also put in a waiver claim for Nick Young who was JUST dropped today. My waiver priority is 3 out of 20 teams. Perhaps I can try to make a waiver claim on Nick Young and hope he breaks out.

Thanks again everyone!

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You have to accept this trade, it's some of the best value you're gonna get at this point. As a Gordon owner, I've been trying to dump him around my league, but a lot of people are scared off, and they should be.

While it's still early in the season to judge, given Gordon's history with injury, his age, among other factors, this guy is a red flag this season. A guy this young, on a tanked team, out immediately for 2-3 weeks with a sore right knee/bruise, looks pretty tell-tale at what's coming next. Either the injury is worse than they're saying, and he's gonna require surgery and/or miss the majority of the season, or he goes on throughout the season with random and frequent DNP's and will get shut down early before the seasons end. I can say with much certainty that one of those 2 will happen this season.

Edit: Just want to add the obvious that statistically, on a team this bad, Gordon would/could be top 15 value or better, but it's too much of a gamble to hold on to him.

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This trade is still under negotiation but it should happen as the other GM is waiting to hear there are no set backs with Eric Gordon. Would you still go ahead with the deal? I'm leaning towards acquiring Granger and hope his stats improve as the season progresses. Gordon's knee worries me, obviously.


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