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Boozer for Javale McGee? Boozer/Eric Gordon for Monta Ellis/McGee?


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1. Another team is willing to give me Javale McGee for Carlos Boozer

I'm in need of blocks, I can afford rebounds and points (esp cuz Boozer has been 20-10 recently).

2. I countered with giving Carlos Boozer and Eric Gordon for Monta Ellis and Javale McGee (cuz I need assists too from Monta). I'm not sure if they will agree to this one yet.

Do you think one trade is better than the other? Is the first trade good for me and I am not giving too much in Boozer's Points, FGM, better FT%, but lack of blocks?

12 person league, h-to-h, (FGM & %, FTM &%, 3PM & %, PTS, REB, AST, ST, BLK, TO, PF)

PG-Brandon Jennings, SG-Ray Allen, G-Eric Gordon,

SF-Nick Young, PF-Blake Griffin, F-Luis Scola, C-Dwight Howard, C-Carlos Boozer

Bench-Marcus Thornton, Louis Williams, Michael Beasley, Luke Ridnour, Byron Mullens


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3. Also, Baron Davis is still in the Free Agency. Should I drop Luke Ridnour to pick up Baron? I need assists, however, I feel I should wait to see how Baron starts doing, but someone may snatch him. Also, Baron might get reinjured. Maybe I can drop Byron Mullens to pick up/stash Baron Davis?

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If he accepts the ellis and mcgee trade that is great for you. Baron is an enigma for me, and reinjury is always a possibility, but i definitely think if he gets the start for the knicks and 30 min a game he will outperform ridnour.

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