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SF's - Who would you take?


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Who would you keep on your team for the playoffs for either a backup SF? It doesn't mean which of the following is the best now (because they have opportunities to step up for injured players, etc)...but who would you pick up or stash now if the pickings are very limited for the long-run (and if you don't do a trade)?

These are the "better" SF's that are available:

Michael Beasley (he's on my team, but I may drop him)

Corey Maggette

Carl Landry

Evan Turner

Kawhi Leonard

Gordon Hayward

Chandler Parsons

Vince Carter

Grant Hill

Josh Howard

James Johnson

Matt Barnes

I feel Corey may be the most productive since he will get the most minutes, possibly start, and provide decent points/rebounds. He is scheduled to return in mid-February. I feel he may be a better option than Beasley. Beasley initially may see fewer minutes before picking up more; however I feel later down the season, Derrick Williams may eventually start over him later.

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