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Drop Bogut?


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Are you guys dropping Bogut yet? I'm in a 10-teamer, team in sig.

Thinking of dropping Bogut for Gooden, I live in Milwaukee and it sounds bad, doubt he'll be back much (if any) the rest of the year.


Post yours and I'll respond.

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Andrew Bogut will undergo a CT scan on Friday to determine how long he will be out, with prior reports indicating he could miss the rest of the year due to a fractured ankle.

This report helps sharpen the pencil, as it appears there is a chance he could be out for at least two weeks, and if the testing goes as some fear -- that he could miss the duration of the season. As with most things the truth is likely in the middle, and Bogut owners should wait until Friday's tests before doing anything rash. Drew Gooden is a must-own player with today's developments, and Ersan Ilyasova is worth a hard look in 12-team leagues. Jon Leuer is on the fantasy radar, too.
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