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who would you play tomorrow?

baby durant

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Kemba should get shut down, Jrue is a good defender.

Wright plays against OKC who are one of the best SF defending teams (no surprise there)

Dunlee no if Deng was healthy, this way, maybe. Bucks should sturggle low post without Bogut so they might be shooting alot from the outside. But it's not really a good idea to go vs Thibs team after they lose like that

George, Kleiza (because of the tempo and injuries) and maybe I take a chance with Wright


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Wright, Kemba, George. maybe Ridnour instead of George but my ranks are based on (1) health & (2) talent. I try not to overthink these things but I would probably go with whoever is hottest out of these 4, and considering Ridnour is injured it seems those 3 are easy choices.

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