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Eric Gordon/Blake Griffin for Marc Gasol/Rudy Gay?


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Hey. My team is in my SIG.

I want to dump Eric Gordon since he's out and I need production. I don't need the 3's and more points that my duo would give. I will benefit from having another player w/ SF eligibility. I could also use the blocks as I am 12th (last) in blocks (however I just acquired Javale McGee so that shouldn't really matter). I could use the rebounds that Griffin gives, but I suppose Gasol and Gay will cover.

I have many injured players right now, and the other team does not have one, so I figured he may be willing to stash Gordon.

I feel this is a good trade proposal for me, but I just wanted some confirmation.

Does it look good to go?

I'll help in return when I check this tomorrow, just give me your link.

Thanks guys.

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