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Which SF would you pick up: Beasley, Landry, Amir, Maggette, Turner, etc?


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Hey Guys. Who do you think will be more productive right now as an SF? Michael Beasley, Carl Landry, CJ Miles, Amir Johnson, or another SF in FA? It seems Beasley has more potential, but he is in a log-jam for minutes with the PF position in Minny. Carl Landry is doing well, but his minutes are very consistent though.

I’m lacking players with SF eligibility.

I need rebounds, assists, and blocks for my team. I mostly don't need 3's.

In the FA, there's

Michael Beasley

Carl Landry

CJ Miles (waiver)

Amir Johnson

Corey Maggette (prob pick up when he's back)

Evan Turner

Grant Hill,

Vince Carter

Chandler Parsons

Ersan Illyasova (who may or may not benefit much from Bogut's injury)


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Beasley will be eased into the rotation. So it's better if you just wait it out first and see what happens in Minny. Don't get VC if you don't need trey's. Out of the list you gave, I'd choose between Parsons, Turner, and Landry for rebounds. Turner is the more consistent out of the guys, getting ~20 minutes per game. Parsons must stay competitive so that Budinger doesn't get his starting job. Landry will give you solid FG% and PTS and not much else, I believe.

Help in mine? :)http://forums.rotoworld.com/index.php?/topic/270456-my-lawson-and-afflalo-for-marshon-brooks-wesley-matthews-and-camby/

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