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Which Blockbuster do I take? WHIR

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So, I've posted some trades that have been offered to me. Injuries have wrecked me so I'm looking to change it up.

The trades are:

1) My: Derrick Rose, Tyreke Evans, Luis Scola (or Gooden)

For: Dwight Howard, Rajon Rondo

2) My: Derrick Rose, Demarcus Cousins

For: Kevin Durant, Ray Allen (or Jarrett Jack maybe?)

Which trade offers the most value? These are some major moves for me so I would really appreciate as much insight as possible.

Feel free to leave a link and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks

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that 1st trade TOTALLY changes your team. I kinda like it- you have Josh Smith so adding Dwight and Rondo gives you a killer squad for tanking FT%. But you shouldn't have to give up the 3rd player (Scola or Gooden). You are giving up Rose- that's almost enough by itself, and you are throwing in Tyreke.

But you will need to shore up your 3's somehow so you are not tanking 2 cats.

Can you help with my Tyson vs Brook post?

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Well, I believe in H2H Rose and Dwight are almost a wash (especially with the possibility of Rose having a lingering injury). Rondo on the other hand is worth considerablly more than Tyreke in H2H.

The other owner would probably include Jameer Nelson or Ben Gordon (not thrilled, but better than whats on the wire).

Thanks for the response. I responded to yours as well

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